Did You Know?

A 10% improvement in several key pre-sales performance metrics can yield a 50% improvement in quarterly revenue!

SE metrics include the number of qualified deals being worked on, their average configured deal size, the solution win rate, and the time to achieve solution closure.


SEskills Implementation for SE Managers

As a key first step in an SE Skills Improvement Program, a one day instructor-led Executive Workshop defines the requirements, objectives, and metrics for a Field Implementation Plan for the successful measured deployment of a Solution Sales Process.

The Executive Workshop has six main objectives including:

  • Identify procedures and policies to motivate sales reps and SEs to adopt new best practices
  • Discuss pre-sales and sales integration issues and strategies
  • Identify key milestones and success metrics

The Workshop strives to gain leadership's support and commitment for the SE skills improvement program. This is important considering that any change in behavior, policy, or procedure may be met with resistance by the rank and file.

Based on identified sales engineering improvement objectives, a skills improvement program can then be customized for your organization.

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Making SEskills Operational

Post-training, it is important to ensure that the principles of "Project Managing the Solution Sale" are made operational.  A follow-up program that implements new policies, procedures, measurement, and coaching ensures correct use of important new SE skills and behaviors.

Pre-sales performance is then monitored and measured so corrective action can be proactively taken if necessary.