Did You Know?

SEs identify the wrong Solution Decision Maker in about one third of their opportunities.


SEskills: Project Managing the Solution Sale

Prior to any SE training, it is critically important to first gain sales and pre-sales management support and commitment of resources, and then generate an implementation plan for an SE Skills Improvement Program. An Executive Workshop is an ideal forum to do so.

SEskills is a two day instructor-led course that applies engineering principles to a proven Solution Sales Process. These best practices promote faster, repeatable, and predictable solution closures.

SEskills is by SEs, for SEs. Our SE-specific training enables SEs to:

  • Project manage and own "Solution Closure"
  • Apply over a dozen engineering principles to a Solution Sales Process
  • Improve the quality of deals to improve the win rate
  • Help solution stakeholders decide faster
  • Grow deals by identifying more pain and establishing compelling value
  • Align solution strategy with the sales rep's sales strategy
  • Create a "least-cost" project plan to achieve fast Solution Closure

As a result, SEs waste less time, persuade solution stakeholders faster, grow deals, win more often, and strategically drive more revenue.

Training can always be augmented by tactical skills classes such as:

  • SEpres, Technical Presentation Skills for SEs
  • SEdemo, Technical Demonstration Skills for SEs

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 Application of Skills to Real Deals in Class

An important learning level in instructional design is to immediately apply new skills to a real world situation.

In SEskills, SEs apply skills learned to one of their own problematic deals throughout the course.  The SE uses a Technical Opportunity Planner (TOP) tool called SEstart to structure data capture, analysis, and solution opportunity project planning. As a valuable deliverable, SEs walk out of class with an actionable plan to achieve Solution Closure.

Making SEskills Measurable and Operational

Post-training, it is important to ensure that the principles of "Project Managing the Solution Sale" are put into practice.  A follow-up program should implement new policies, procedures, measurement, and coaching to ensure correct and measured use of new skills and behaviors.