Did You Know?

People who are detail oriented will be most convinced by a demo. People who are results, bottom-line oriented will be least convinced.


SEdemo: Technical Demonstration Skills for SEs

This two-day instructor-led course sharpens the skills of those who give demonstrations as an integral part of their Solution Sales Cycle.  The course incorporates videotaped sessions, workshops, and exercises to aid in the delivery, personalization, and structure of a customer-focused, value-oriented demonstration, including the students’ actual sales demos. 

The workshop pays particular attention to establishing credibility and to the inclusion of quantified value-oriented statements within the SE's demo.  Visualization techniques are taught so customers retain your messages more than the competition's.  SEs learn that value statements for differentiated unique selling points are key in establishing value.

The course also provides verbal and non-verbal skills improvement through the use of videotaped feedback and peer review.  Many creative and fun exercises augment the learning experience.

A one or two day version of the course can be combined with SEskills to provide focus to technical demonstration skills in conjunction with improved pre-sales skills.

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