Did You Know?

A pit crew of 7 team members can jack up the car, change four tires, and gas 'er up in about 10 seconds.

Races are won and lost in the pit.

Planning Your Kickoff or Club?

Consider a keynote from salesengineering.com.

Which is more effective, a pit crew with one person shouting orders, or an aligned pit crew who divide and conquer the work toward a common goal?

Divide and Conquer

What's true in car racing is true in sales.

The Aligned Sales Pit Crew

This keynote shows how Sales Reps and SEs can align themselves to divide and conquer their work to close more deals in less time.

The sales and pre-sales teams leave with powerful takeaway skills that cleanse funnels, grow deals, and get customer decisions faster.

Engaging and rather strange exercises ensure a lively impactful session.
Mix and match from the skills topics below:

  • Structured Discovery -- Our most popular topic
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Quantified Value Statements
  • Engineering a Visual Closure Plan
  • Structured Deal Review -- Accelerating and Growing Critical Deals
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Customer-centric Presentation/Demo skills -- including a Tarzan yell!

Of course, other custom keynotes are available as well.  Contact Us to discuss how we provide punch for your kickoff or club.