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Other than salesengineering.com, nobody else provides tools exclusively for SEs.

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A little structure and process goes a long way.


SE Technical Account Review Tool   <Free Download!>

SEstart is the first account planning tool for SEs, first released in 2001! This a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet assists SEs in their analysis of deals to prioritize their time, reduce their cost of sales, and drive revenue.

Key aspects of the SE's deal analysis in SEstart includes:

  • Prioritizing technical issues and risks
  • Prioritizing Stakeholders based on their infuence and power in the deal
  • Ensuring we know the correct Solution Decision Maker (SDM)
  • Ensuring thorough and consistent Qualification using a scoring system to assess the level of risk present in the deal
  • Developing a Technical Closure Project Plan with a timeline to visually see where your time is going


Project Plan

This deal analysis helps the SE assess the impact of their work on crucial SE performance metrics such as deal quality, deal size, solution closure time, and solution win rate. 

See a Video Demo of SEstart   (13:23 mp4)


SEstart supports a Solution Sales Process which is:

  • Efficient : SEs develop plans to achieve fast Solution Closure
  • Consistency : Everybody uses the same process, content, and format
  • Collaboration : SEs share solution sales intelligence, and teams of SEs strategize on large critical deals
  • Scalable : SEs manage small to large deals having dozens of contacts
  • Repeatable : SEs “turn the crank" with a structured process
  • Forecastable : With practice, solution closure times become accurate
  • Measurable : SE Managers can manage to key pre-sales metrics such as funnel quality and size, solution closure time, and solution win rate

For a Free Download of SEstart go to the Contact Us page and select the Download SEstart topic.  You will be sent an email to a page with links to SEstart and a sample of SEstart filled in.

[For your cyber-safety, the SEstart .xls contains no macros and no add-ins.]