Did You Know?

There are no existing commercial sales methodologies providing a start-to-finish workflow for pre-sales engineers to achieve fast, repeatable Solution Closures.

Solutions:  SE Process and Improvement Program

Aligning an SE's Solution Sales Process

Every sales methodology is fundamentally the same having a handful of high level phases: Identify, Qualify, Develop, and Close.

An SE-specific Solution Sales Process can
align with any sales methodology a sales rep uses via several "Touch Points" throughout their respective sales cycles.

As an example, qualification is gathered by the rep from their business constituents, and by the SE leverages from technical constituents.  In the Touch Point, the team identifies discrepancies in the stories they hear.

In this manner, a Solution Sales Process can plug into and align with any sales methodology cleanly and easily.

An SE Skills Improvement Program Outline

Empowered SEs own all aspects of acquiring Solution Closure and directly impact cost of sales and revenue by improving funnel quality, Solution Closure time, deal sizes, and solution win rate.

But training alone will not instill long term improvement. The program outline below gains executive support and reinforces best practices to ensure new skills become operational and measured benefit is achieved:

Evaluate: An SE Improvement Assessment measures the team's current Solution Sales Process maturity and acumen.

Endorse: Gain leadership support from Sales and SE Management. Identify your specific measureable success objectives to then define a plan of training, productivity tools, and Services.

Educate: Learn an SE-specific Solution Sales Process.  SE training should use facilitators who are ex-SE Managers, not sales trainers.

Embed: Reinforce best practices. Make field behaviors, procedures, policies, and SE Tools operational.

Enumerate: Measurement drives improvement. Don't stand on the scale, count calories.  See Case Studies

Project Manage the Solution Sale

SEs can systematically project manage Solution Closure using engineering techniques such as models, checklists, and project plans. This approach will resonate well with the SE’s technical roots.

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