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Though SEs don't have control over revenue "coming in the door", most SEs have incentive compensation based on revenue.


Insights in Sales Engineering

  • New:  "What is Your Pre-Sales Process Maturity?"

Where are you on the SE process maturity continuum?  What are the symptoms and impact of an SE team that has no process?  Are you adopting a process?  Is your process operational?  Is your process repeatable?  In this paper we explore Pre-Sales Process Maturity on several dimensions: SE Role, Process, Policy, Procedure, and Tools.  We assess the business impact of one level versus the next, and we examine what it takes to go from one level to the next.

  • "Gain the Most Value from Your Sales Engineers"

Sales Engineering is an invaluable sales role that is all too often misunderstood.  Sales Engineers are the "Credibility-side of the sale" yet this critical resource is the forgotten half of the sales force.  What separates the good SE from the great SE?  What are the characteristics that define the SE who always closes the big deal?  How can we bring out the best in our SEs?  This paper provides insight into the dynamics of the Sales Engineering role.

  • "The Solution Sales Cycle -- Myth or Reality?"

Traditional sales methodologists would argue that there is only one "Sales Cycle" process in a complex hi-tech sale.  Those of us who have been Sales Engineering our entire careers have a sense there is more to it -- We know there is something inherently unique about our technically-oriented sales cycle, yet at the same time, the SE's sales cycle is also highly dependent on the "Commercial Sales Cycle". 

Why does this apparent paradox exist?  This controversial paper presents the position that the traditional sales cycle process has within it a very complex, technically-oriented "sub-process".  We prove the existence of this Solution Sales Cycle sub-process, and discuss why it deserves an independent field of study.  The discipline of Sales Engineering is specialized enough that it requires the support of its own services and productivity tools.  It is our belief that an active independent community of sales engineers would be best suited to define the Solution Sales Cycle's best practices and standards.

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