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The SE Webinar Series provides insight into building quality oriented measurable pre-sales operations and performing effective tactical pre-sales activities that move deals forward.

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Audience:  CEOs, COO, CFOs, VPs of Sales, Field Readiness Managers and Directors

Abstract:  Unlike product training or technical training, it is well documented that some operational skills improvement initiatives can yield significant measured revenue and cost of sales benefits.  Indeed, in our pre-sales improvement programs we routinely measure substantial direct business impact;  For example, in one 6 month case, a team of 6 SEs grew annualized revenue from $480k to $3.2M on a $25k program investment and $10k of T&E. 

In the case above, a $35,000 investment on 6 SEs returned $2,700,000 of annualized revenue.  Despite repeated proven compelling payback, budget constraints just as routinely trump investments in skills enhancement.  In this webinar, we discuss reasons why this upside-down mindset prevails.  We present a financial case for how performance initiative investments can significantly impact annual revenues and cost of sales, and how investments can be structured to minimize their impact on the income statement.


Audience:  VPs of Sales, Sales Managers, Pre-Sales Directors and Managers

Abstract:  Though Sales Reps receive many performance improvement initiatives over their careers, Sales Engineers rarely do.  Often, SEs are treated as tactical resources, demo daemons, who add little value to the bottom line.  Sales engineering operations is usually ripe for improvement.  Empowered SEs can leverage their technical credibility to have direct impact on revenue, cost of sales, funnel quality, and margins.  In this webinar, we discuss how simple structured best practices enable SEs to impact key pre-sales metrics and have direct impact on the business’s bottom line.


Audience:  Sales Engineers, Professional Services Consultants

Abstract:  Everyone in a customer facing role has an opportunity to discover new business or grow existing business.  This includes not only Sales Engineers in pre-sales situations, but also Professional Services consultants in post-sales development and deployment roles.  In this webinar, we discuss simple and practical discovery techniques to identify new sales opportunities lurking under the surface.  We also outline what’s needed for effective hand offs between sales and professional services, and vice versa.


Audience:  Web-based technical demonstrators

Abstract:  Believe it or not, very few customers enjoy the prospect of watching a demo.  Feature, feature, feature, feature, feature, feature, feature, feature, glass of water, feature, feature, feature, feature, feature, feature.  Now web-based demos are making the situation even worse.  Without the “captive audience” dynamic, gaining and retaining attention has become a huge challenge.  Many of us are guilty of the “Mice Gone Wild” syndrome which irritates some customers to no end.  Just as many of us are guilty of “sleepy time” monotonic elocution.  This webinar discusses several of these demonstration “sins” and provides quick tips and exercises that yield effective and engaging web-based demos.