Time Management

Prioritization and Stream-Lining

Time.  Why can we never get enough of something that's a figment of our imagination?  Volumes have been written on time management, but I venture to guess few of us put its preachings into practice.  A few quick guidelines can go a long way.

The essence of time management is two-fold;  Prioritization and stream-lining.  Given a set of tasks, which should we prioritize and perform first?  Many factors go into prioritizing, but perhaps the most important is the "bang-for-the-buck rule" -- which tasks have the most value?  Priority must be assessed based on both short and long term value.  Is it better to pay off that credit card now, or pay the minimum due each month?

Stream-lining identifies alternatives that short-cut a series of inefficient tasks.  Do in three steps what would usually take five.  How can you get closer to sales closure in the shortest time?  For example, rather than agree to a lengthy and risk-prone trial evaluation, try an acceptance test where the customer sits with a sales engineer for a few days, and the customer tells the SE what to do.  This way the customer is spared the learning curve and sees everything they need to see, and the sales cycle is significantly reduced.

Remember, the well beaten path is not necessarily the best path to take.

This has been Phil Janus of salesengineering.com "Going For The Close".

Good Selling everyone.