Stakeholder Analysis

"Know Thine Customer"

Let’s talk today about knowing your customer.  Sun Tzu was an ancient Chinese general whose battle strategies are still studied in military academies.  One of his most important strategies is "Know Thine Enemy".

Phil Tzu says, "Know Thine Customer"!  If you can't relate to them, how can you possibly sell to them?  Know their business challenges, markets, products, and competition.  Understand their pain, how they’re successful, and what their future strategies are.

Know your stakeholders’ roles.  Low level people need to know how things will work, mid-level managers need to mitigate their risk, and executives need to know how to enable their strategies.  End-users live the pain, business managers own the money to fix the pain, and I.T. builds solutions using existing technologies, but they don’t live or own the end user’s pain.

Is their personality amiable, opinionated, analytic, or Type A?  What level of risk will they take?  Visionaries embrace technology while laggards are dragged into it.  Knowing your customer helps you sell to them as a person.

Remember, as Sun Tzu would say, "Conformation of the ground establishes your best position".

This has been Phil Janus of "Going For The Close".

Good Selling everyone.