Leveraging Sales Engineers

A Powerful Weapon

Sales Engineers are a weapon to be leveraged in strategic sales.  But all too often, we take SEs for granted and don’t leverage them to their full advantage.

Customers are naturally skeptical of sales reps, but they love working with sales engineers who hold the solution brain-trust.  They’re granted credibility by the customer.  SEs do the solution close, while reps do the business close.   We have a Far Side(c) cartoon where one polar bear lifts up an igloo, while another polar bear stands watching an eskimo run away, and the first one says, "Is this so hard Carl?  I lift, you grab!".

Debrief your sales engineer often on all aspects of the account before and after any meetings.  An SE often has valuable insider information usually inaccessible to a rep.  Respect their time.  Dragging them blind into a last minute meeting sets them up for failure -- They have the right to say, "No, I’m not going.".

Remember, your sales engineer is a valuable resource.  Treat them well and use them wisely.

This has been Phil Janus of salesengineering.com "Going For The Close".

Good Selling everyone.