Bloomberg Radio: 'Going For The Close'

Account Qualification

Is It Real?   Can We Win It?   Is It Worth It?

As much as our sales managers yell at us, it's really easy to waste our time in front of customers who aren’t going to buy.  I ask myself 3 simple questions to help decide if a customer is qualified and worth my time:  Is it real?  Can we win it?  Is it worth it?

First -- Is it real?  We know the standard qualifiers -- pain, fit, time, and budget.  But also consider, is there a compelling event driving them to find a solution?  Is there someone accountable?  Do they have an approved budget?  If any of these are "No", you’re wasting your time -- It’s not real!

Second -- Can we win it?  How do we stack up against the competition?  Is our value better than theirs?  Can we prove it in concrete terms?  Are there any showstopper objections?

Lastly -- Is it worth it?  Is this bad business?  "Oh my God, we won the business!"  Are we somehow forcing the customer to buy?  Will postsale support issues negate the sales success?

Remember, if it’s not real, or we can’t win it, or it’s not worth it -- you’re wasting your time -- find something else that is!

This has been Phil Janus of "Going For The Close".

Good Selling everyone.