Post-Sale Customer Care

Nurturing Repeat Business

We all know as sales people that our easiest sales are from existing customers.  The hard part of selling has already been done.  Ideally, existing customers should become an annuity for us.  But we're all guilty of taking our eye off our existing customers.  And customers hate it when we ignore them.  This is a great way to lose a referencable happy customer and easy future sales.

Post-sales customer care is easy to do and doesn't take a lot of work.  Regular, periodic communication with your customer is very important.  Create a quarterly newsletter with your name on it that highlights company news and updates.  Call key players once a month and check in.  Make personal visits once a quarter.  Send holiday greeting cards.  Introduce your customer to potential new business partners that compliment their business.  Invite key players to user group meetings.  Organize customer luncheons with birds-of-a-feather sessions.

Be there for them when fires flare up by proactively taking ownership, creating action plans, and organizing regular status conference calls.  Send in your sales engineer for a free periodic system review (and intelligence gathering).  Each contact gives you the chance to sniff around for new opportunities and make new connections within the account.

Remember, the best compliment you can get from your customer is a repeat sale.

This has been Phil Janus of "Going For The Close".

Good Selling everyone.