Adequate Loudness in Presentations

You Can't Sell If You Can't Be Heard

So, there you are, giving the best pitch of your career, and all you’re getting are blank stares from the back of the room.  Maybe they can’t hear you, perhaps because you’re not speaking loud enough, or there’s background noise, or they’ve had some natural hearing loss.

Did you know your loudness gets cut in half every 20 feet?  So a listener in the back of the room can only hear you at half the volume you’re hearing yourself.

The background noise from a projector or ceiling fan can be half your regular volume and will cancel out what you’re saying.  Likewise, a loud cough or sneeze will obliterate the words you’ve just spoken, so it’s important to immediately repeat your lost words.

And lastly, we naturally lose half our hearing by age 55.  Senior managers will naturally have difficulty hearing you.  Then they invariably sit in the back of a room, and they’re contending with noise from a fan -- It’s no wonder they can’t hear you!

To be effectively heard, you need to practice projecting your voice loudly while still sounding natural.  Try using a decibel meter, and sustain your volume at 75 decibels.  This will assure you can be comfortably heard from the back of the room.

Remember, the best sales presentation in the world is useless if you can’t be heard!

This has been Phil Janus of "Going For The Close".

Good Selling everyone.