The Future of Sales

The Internet Changes the Game

The internet is changing the rules of the sales game.  In the past, customers needed to contact a sales person to make a purchase.  Today, it's a fact of life that the internet provides a cost-effective mechanism which allows customers to bypass sales people.  The internet has enabled consumers to rapidly identify new e-world commodities including high ticket items such as automobiles and computer systems.

Companies such as Oracle Corp are leading the way by making products available over the internet at non-negotiable fixed prices.  Customers appreciate this simple direct approach that eliminates the middle-man and the frustrating cycle of wheeler-dealer style pricing.

So what role will sales people play in the new e-world?  I see three major areas:  First, sales people will be needed in corporate-size deals where custom configurations and large integrated solutions are required.  Second, consulting services deals will require our close involvement to customize specific business solutions.  And third, sales expertise is needed in highly competitive situations to explain functionality and differentiation.  So, the more customers require a customized solution or detailed explanation, the more they'll still need our services.

The world is changing, and now is the time for us to find our place in the new order.

This has been Phil Janus of "Going For The Close".

Good Selling everyone.