Effective Cold Calling, Voice Mails and Emails

Value-Oriented Compelling Messages

Voicemail has become the sales person’s worst nightmare.  Here are some tips to bump your messages up the food chain of priority.

Begin your message by slowly stating your name and number.  People hate it when you don’t give them time to write it down.

Voicemails should be crisp and to the point.  Know what you’re going to say so you don’t ramble or fumble for words.

Try to leave value-oriented messages that show you’ve done your homework.  "Hello Mr. Doe, it may interest you that one of our customers recently documented a 30% sales growth in 6 months by using our internet sales solutions.  My research shows that your remote sales team may have the same kinds of information-flow challenges."  Now see how compelling the start of that message is?

Lastly, to improve your message priority, state its importance in concrete terms, and make it worth the listener’s while.  "Ace, I’m proposing a big deal to Acme Tech, and they’ve had a case open for over 60 days which could kill the deal.  Tell you what, if you can nail this one down for me, I’ll buy you and the analysts a nice dinner.  Thanks buddy."  See the value being established?  How can Ace say No?

This has been Phil Janus of salesengineering.com "Going For The Close".

Good Selling everyone.