Customer-Centric Content

The Three R's:

Resource Utilization, Risk Mitigation, Revenue Generation

Ever think about why you pay attention to various advertisements?  One common element is that the ad is somehow personally relevant to you.  The same can be said for your sales pitch.

Customers will be most interested in your pitch when it is somehow personally relevant to them.  Every time you launch, the customer is sitting there asking themselves questions:  Do they know my problems?  How can they help me?  How much of my time and money do they want?  It's personal to them!

Personal relevance is established for a customer by clearly explaining what's in it for them -- the value of your solution -- The "So What".  This is best done in terms of what I call the 3 R statements:  Resource Utilization, Risk Mitigation, and Revenue Generation.

When you make a claim, keep asking yourself  "So What" until you arrive at a statement with clear economic value.   For example,  "This solution is easy to maintain".  So What?  "So, data backup is 50% faster than traditional solutions".  So What?  "So, our backup speed requires 25% fewer database administrative resources".  Oooooo, now that's goooood!  To a database manager, that's personal relevance --

Resource Utilization, Risk Mitigation, and Revenue Generation.

This has been Phil Janus of "Going For The Close".

Good Selling everyone.