Did You Know?

Just as you might suggest with your customers, a small pilot might be the easiest and least risky way to prove to yourself that an SE Improvement Program would benefit your organization.


Customer Experiences - The Empowered SE

  • AcmeTech:  The Case of the Aligned Sales Team

In this case study, AcmeTech, a $1.3B leader in software applications, deploys SE skills improvement and soon wins new business.  Skeptical sales reps quickly realize that leveraging their SE's new skills pays rapid dividends.

  • TechCo:  Measuring SE Improvement Benefits

TechCo, a $1.8B leader in networking solutions, took the bold step of measuring and documenting the business impact of their pre-sales skills improvement.  The results are, in a word, Outstanding.  Funnel quality improved 33%, decision times reduced 33%, deal sizes grew 75%, and win rate increased 122%.  All from pre-sales improvement.  Click on the link below to see the details.

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