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Sales Engineering Process Maturity Assessment

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The Sales Engineering Process Maturity Assessment is based on a CMMI process maturity model.

The purpose of the Assessment is to provide guidance with regard to next steps in your initiative to improve Sales Engineering operations. The assessment provides a reasonably good picture of your SE operational AS IS, which then helps frame a roadmap to a potential SE operational TO BE.

The SE Process Maturity Model has 5 levels:

  • Level 1: No Process.  SEs are tactical “demo demons”.  Sales reps manage SE time closely.  Each SE approaches deals differently.  There is little to no consistency.  Waste and inefficiency prevails.  Managers focus on resource management and fire fighting.  CRM tool initiatives fail when they attempt to support flawed sales processes.
  • Level 2: Adopting Process.  Operational inconsistency is prevalent.  As an example, one impact is that sales reps have different conversations with different SEs.  SEs remain tactical, but now work the entire technical sales cycle.  Some reps let some SEs control their own time and note that some SEs add value to the sales cycle.  Managers focus on definition of role, process, policies, procedures, metrics, and tools.
  • Level 3: Operational Process.  SEs own all aspects of Technical Closure, sales reps own all things business.  Process is implemented in digestible bits.  Process consistency is prevalent.  Sales reps have the same conversation with every SE.  The process is scalable, teachable, forecastable, and measurable.  SEs control their own schedules.  Managers focus on process implementation.  Adopters are well rewarded, resisters are not.  Well defined and implemented sales processes are supported by CRM tools.
  • Level 4: Repeatable Process.  The process is turn-the-crank -- it’s the way you do business.  Resisters are not tolerated.  Process and opportunity history is well documented driving repeatability and fast on-boarding of new hires.  SEs can drive substantially more revenue than sales reps, and SEs may outnumber sales reps.  Managers focus on process documentation, measurement of pre-sales activity quality, and continuous improvement.
  • Level 5: Quality Process.  This is likened to ISO 900x or lean six-sigma operations.

The 40 question assessment evaluates an individual’s perception of their pre-sales process on 5 dimensions:

  • Process and Procedures
  • Role and Organization
  • Performance Measurement
  • Management Policy
  • Technology



For a Free Download of the assessment, go to the Contact Us page, and indicate your interest in the SE Process Assessment topic.  You will be sent an email with a link to the assessment and its report.  The SE Process Maturity Assessement is a Microsoft Excel based spreadsheet tool. 

In that email, you will also receive a link to an SE Process Maturity Whitepaper which provides a more detailed description of the model and its levels of operational improvement.

Thank you for your interest in taking the Assessment.

[For your cyber-safety, the SEpmm Assessment .xls contains no macros and no add-ins.]