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Dear Pre-Sales Colleague:

Topics for this edition:

  • 10 Tips for SEs During the Economic Blues
10 Tips for SEs During the Economic Blues
Even though sales reps are stuck in the economic muck, there is no reason why SEs should be.  SEs can continue moving deals forward.  Here are a few tips to guide your thoughts:

10)  Get technical decisions faster - How can you win faster?  Control the time to the technical decision -- this is independent of the money decision.  Get there as fast as possible, and then help the customer defend the decision for the long haul.  Can you do a controlled proof-of-concept instead of a trial?  Can you do a custom demo instead of a POC?

9)  Improve the quality of deals - How often do you lose to "do nothing"?  Is this deal worth your time?  If not, what must you know to improve its quality?  If the customer does not know things like the technical decision timeframe or the quantified business impact of the solution, help them figure it out.  Do not be afraid to walk away from deals that are a waste of time.

8)  Grow deal sizes - You are in a perfect position to dig for pain and new business problems that are always lurking under the surface.  More business problems = more solutions = more revenue.

7)  Improve the technical win rate - Improving the quality of deals will improve the technical win rate.  Identify each stakeholder's technical decision criteria.  Prioritize the stakeholders.  Resolve their criteria step-by-step in priority order.  Ensuring key technical decision criteria are being resolved will win allies, and improve the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

6)  Prioritize your time - For any activity, ask yourself, "Is this a good use of my time?".   Do not agree to blind on-site calls.  Do not agree to blind demos.  Don't do it!  Just say "No".  Ensure yourself you are using your time wisely - Your time is too valuable to be abused.

The details of the final 5 tips may be found in our Blog.

5)  Check in with existing customers
4)  Check in with partners
3)  Check in with product marketing, engineering, tech support
2)  Check in with your manager
1)  Get SALES training



Philip Janus
Founder & CTO