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Dear Pre-Sales Colleague:

Did you know that there is a forgotten half of the sales force?

Many sales methodologies ignore the Sales Engineer's vital role in acquiring the Solution Win, yet many successful Sales Reps often say a great SE is invaluable. focuses exclusively on improving pre-sales performance to help reduce your cost of sales and grow revenue.  
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We Have a New Name
New Pre-Sales Web Site
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Home ImageOn May 14, 2007, TechSellEnts officially changed its branding to The name change better reflects our corporate purpose -- to provide innovative pre-sales performance solutions. As the stories below show, is working hard to improve the ability for SEs to become a community and to collaborate with other SEs, sales reps, partners, professional services, and other members of the virtual sales team.

As the name implies, is a web site dedicated to the pre-sales role. The initial rollout will promote information exchange among pre-sales peers through the SE blog. Future releases of the web site will offer pre-sales productivity tools designed for a SaaS (software as a service) model of use.

We are the same great team, just with a new name.
Comprehensive Web Site Improves the Productivity of Pre-Sales Engineers

Our new web site is dedicated to improving the sales skills of SEs. The site includes advice and tips for SEs and describes well proven programs that can increase the number of qualified deals, increase deal size, increase solution win rate, and decrease the time to solution closure so that their efforts can measurably impact the cost of sales and revenue.  

We invite you and your team to visit our new web site focused on the SE community,

The site also contains a first of its kind blog for the pre-sales community. 

Let us know what you think.

Philip Janus
Founder & CTO