Did You Know?

A customer testimonial is 10 times more powerful than anything an SE or sales rep could say.


Serving Our Customers with Pride

"Late last week one of our sales people received an order for $110K from a new customer for 75 seats of one of our products.  The Technical Opportunity Plan from salesengineering.com played a critical role in the success of this win, but more important was the TOP opportunity review all of you provided me.  Thanks again for the support and I look forward to working with everyone to make Sales Engineering supported by TOPs a natural business behavior for all of us.  Thank you for bringing these tools to our table."


"You can make as many mistakes as possible in a supportive environment where you will get feedback and suggestions on how to improve and hopefully avoid those mistakes in front of a customer."


"What I learned in the last two days completely changes the way I approach my job and my customers.  I wish I had taken this [course] when I first entered sales.  Only one other guy in my org has taken this class and after a year is still enthusiastic about what he learned there.  He is also one of the top performers in our group.  Coincidence?"


"It was my goal to develop an action plan for selling [our] solution.  I had been searching for ways to turn a lost opportunity into a win.  [salesengineering.com] methods and structures allowed me to create a plan that has a very good chance of establishing a beach-head for [our] products.  This is exactly what I wanted to get."


"With most training, you resign yourself to the fact that taking away 4-5 "gems" is acceptable.  The salesengineering.com SEskills training blows the doors off that expectation!  From the opening comments through the wrap-up, this training is packed with practical take-aways designed to help us SEs migrate from Sales Hackers to Sales Engineers."

Program Manager Testimonial:  

"System Engineers are often very bright in terms of technical expertise, but often lack the sales skills needed to accelerate the sales process.  In other words, System Engineers often get excited by the features from the products they are trying to sell, and often forget to focus on their customer's real business needs...  Don't get me wrong:  Our System Engineers often win the deals, but they also often could close these deals faster, and some of our lost deals could have been won.  We needed our SE's to be more productive and efficient in fact!  

So, a colleague and I searched (using the Internet) for a training program tailored to address that need.  And, to be honest, we were surprised, because we found out such a training program is really uncommon.  Only a couple of training companies in the world do offer such a program.  Don't get me wrong:  many companies all over the world do have Sales Training of some sort, but only a couple of companies seemed to be interested in focusing on improving the specific sales skills from System Engineers rather than Account Managers.  Why does it matter so much?  Well simply because our System Engineers aren't sales people, properly speaking, but their job is essential to the sales process from High Tech companies.  They don't need to get the same skills as Account Managers, but need to acquire some SE specific sales skills to close the technical side of a deal as fast as possible.  

Only a couple of companies in the world seemed to be capable of addressing our (very) specific need.  Salesengineering.com was one of these.  

In [their] White Paper "Gain the Most Value from Your Sales Engineers", in a few pages, [they] perfectly described what our need was and how they would address it.  

We are extremely satisfied with TechSellEnts' training. 170 System Engineers went through the program, and this is just a beginning... The feedback we get from our System Engineers and their Managers is excellent."