Did You Know?

Some sociologists speculate that by the next century English will become the ubiquitous language of business.

Measurable Customer Success

We contribute to our customers' success by empowering Sales Engineers to become more efficient and effective sales weapons on a global enterprise basis.   

Sales Engineering improvement Solutions have been delivered internationally in nearly 50 countries to thousands of SEs.  Our commitment to the highest quality service is demonstrated in several Testimonials available for you to browse.  

Our customers are those who require a Subject Matter Expert to explain the details of their complex solution -- Engineers, scientists, consultants, specialists -- Whatever you happen to call them.

Industries include hi-tech, materials, chemicals, manufacturing, pharma, medical devices, financial services, etc.

Customers range in size and shape from $10M companies to multi-billion dollar companies;  Hard goods, soft goods, and applications;  4 SEs to 4000 SEs;  1 location to 201 locations.  All customers benefit from Project Managing the Solution Sale.