The Forgotten Half of the Sales Force

When Did Your SEs Last Receive Training
to Improve Pre-Sales Operational Quality?

Align an SE Process with your sales method to provide consistent, repeatable, measured results

  Do SEs Have Their Own SFA Tool? Does it:

     •  Grow solution sizes?
     •  Hasten technical decisions?
     •  Cleanse technical funnels?

Download SEstart Now!

Leverage Pre-Sales to Drive Business

How Much Value Are SEs Adding?
Demo Jocks
Sales Weapons
Own Demos Own Technical Closure
High Cost of Sales Grow Deals
Long Cycles Quick Closures
Chase Everything Cleanse Funnels
Slave to Reps Partner with Reps
How Much Revenue Are SEs Missing?

Funnel Quality 33%
Decision Time 33%
Deal Size 75%
Win Rate 122%

The Potential for Improvement is High!

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